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We all love dogs and treat them as essential members of the family (Let's admit it! We much prefer them over to our human siblings most of the time). With this in mind, we are here to help all dog owners better understand their furry kids and what it is they really need from a dietary perspective. As responsible and loving dog owners ourselves, we strive to give only the best to our pups, and that starts with delicious and nutritional food. But do you know what food they actually need? 

The journey of WooFood started when our beloved 'Guinness' became a part of the family. He was a stray puppy founded by dog rescue when he was just 2 months old. As he grew bigger, the nightmares began. He had bad food allergy in which we had to take multiple trips to the Vet to find out the root of the cause but sadly, after months of research and trying out numerous dog foods, nothing changed. 

It was not until we switched his diet to fresh home-made dog food that we started noticing drastic changes in his mood, endurance and overall physical health. It was a miracle to say the least! Having gone through this stressful journey, we wanted dog owners everywhere to understand the important of providing fresh meals to our pups. Today, we are Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialists here to help and educate all dog owners on the importance of nutrition and the quality of life for all dogs. 




Fresh food is more easily digestible so your pup can break down and absorb the nutrients faster, keeping them feel good and maintain healthier body weight.Don't be surprised if your pup is jumping up and down for joy all day long!


Fresh food has fatty acids, B-complex vitamins, and zinc - which are strong anti-inflammatories to keep your dog's skin healthy. Chemicals, additives, and preservatives found in dry pet food are often the cause of allergies.


Within a few weeks, you will notice your dog has got a glossy-soft coat, just about ready to walk the catwalks of Paris and Milan!


Fresh food is extremely digestible so their drops will be firmer, which means less poop. That also means you scoop less. We already take a lot of crap from humans on a daily basis. Isn't it nice to keep that to a minimum? 


WooFood meals are made with fresh, high-quality human-grade ingredients,
slow-cooked and delivered to your door.



We source your fresh ingredients from local markets every day, then prepare each and every meal in our human-grade kitchen.


We precisely monitor the temperature of our slow-cook method so that all the 'juicy' nutritions is sealed inside each pack. No water is added.


Our WooFood packs uses vacuum-sealed packaging method that removes air prior sealing, limiting the growth of bacteria.


DING DONG! Your food is kept frozen in our cooler bag during the delivery to your doorstep. 

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